May 2021 Review

May 2021 Review

Thomas Lanfiere
Above - Thomas Lanfiere comes from the back of the field to win in the 17:20 @ Yarmouth on the 28th.

Hello and welcome to the May review from 3-Ticks System.

Let’s be honest, May was a disaster. The changes we made didn’t seem to stop the rot and we totally understand that most people don’t/didn’t want to continue with either of the services.

3-Ticks started badly and never recovered, ending the month over 50 points down. This means the system is in the red overall since launch, which isn’t good enough. By taking every bet since we started, you would have lost just over 3% of your investment. Nobody is here to lose money and we totally understand the frustration as we take these same selections ourselves.

For the 1-a-day system, again we saw an overall loss 7.5 points, even though this had a good start to the month but then fell apart from the 18th. Too many horses which were head and shoulders above their rivals on the stats, conspired to finish 2nd and 3rd when we had 3 and 4 points on them. It hit us where it hurts! But the system is still in profit and if you had followed every selection, then you’d be up either just under 5% on the staking plan or over 12% at level stakes, which is still decent.

And although mentioned last month, the ‘Value’ system will remain on the back burner until we can rectify the issues with the 3-Ticks system.

Dream Of Dreams gives the rest of the field nightmares with a comfortable win in the 18:50 @ Windsor on the 17th

Right, so how do we fix things?

Well, we performed extensive back testing on 3-Ticks, amounting to almost 3,000 selections. This showed that we should have a double-digit return on investment over the longer term. As it turns out, May 2021 was the worst performance of any month we can find. So, this gives us confidence to keep with the changes we originally made last month and to carry on.

However, how does that give anyone who is/was a subscriber any confidence? Well, we have decided that going forwards, from June 2021 until further notice, that if we have a losing month using our advised odds (which are on our Results page) OR Betfair BSP (@2% comm), then you will not pay for the subsequent month’s selections. That’s right, we are putting our system on the line to perform, or we’ll do this for nothing.

So, if you have tried and decided it is not for you, or have been considering taking a look, then if you are a returning subscriber or someone trying us for the first time, if you don’t make a point of profit, the next month is free. And remember, that is regardless of using bookies or Betfair SP.

Oh, and don’t forget a free trial is still available as always.

Take care of yourselves and drop us a line if you have any questions or queries.

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