March 2021 Review

March 2021 Review

Princess Animale
Above - Princess Animale showed her animal instincts to edge out the competition in the 15:00 @ Lingfield on the 5th.

Hello everyone and welcome to the March Review from 3-Ticks System.

So where do we start? Well firstly, we'd like to apologise for the awful performance of the 3-ticks selections. Although we've done nothing different from the first 3 successful months, nothing has seemed to go right and winners have been few and far between. We are aware this just isn't good enough and totally understand that people have felt they didn't wish to continue with the service.

Therefore, in order to try and avoid any further losses, we've analysed where we feel the service can be improved and have decided on the following measures;

  1. Large prices to be backed each-way.
    We have seen that many selections at high-ish prices have finished well but often just missed out on winning. This could have won as many as 15 additional points back into the system. So we will now advise to back some of the higher priced selections each-way to try and make sure we get some return.
  2. Some selections at ½ point instead of 1.
    Although all selections are made the same way, there are some which only just qualify. Therefore we've decided to reduce the risk in these by backing them at ½ a point rather than a full point.
  3. Bookmakers to be used in addition to the Exchange.
    Even though most selections contract in price, there have been a few which have gone the other way and we've lost some valuable profit. So, where there is very little difference between one of the major bookmakers and the exchange, we may look to take advantage of their best odds guaranteed offers. If we use a bookmaker, the bet in the members area will advise.

And now for some positive news. Firstly, we tipped a couple of nice priced Cheltenham winners even though these weren't official selections so didn't help with the points total. But we hope you got on them!

Secondly, and most importantly, our 1 bet a day system goes live on 1st April, and we've named this 3T's 1-A-Day. You can see the details on it's own page here. So far this has performed nicely, even with a little downturn towards the end of the month. I hope many of you used the system while we finished the test, grabbing some very nice profits. 3T's 1-A-Day is currently 24 points up, with a 61.33% strike rate and 11.25% ROI.

One of our picks for the new 3T's 1-A-Day service was Khatm in the 17:15 @ Southwell on the 19th

And finally an update on the Value system mentioned last month. It's still working very well and we are close to launching this as well. As of 31st March the value system is 123 points to the good, with a strike rate of 41.56% (wins & places) and ROI of 46.55%! You will be able to access this system for free during the Aintree festival to give you a flavour of how it works and we hope for the 'go live' not long after.

So that's it for now, hopefully the changes we've made will make 3-ticks more stable and profitable and that you make some good profits with our new 3T's 1-A-Day system. Once the Value system is live, then we will have a portfolio of differing systems that should offer a style of betting that suits everyone.

So, as mentioned before - if you are reading this and haven't joined yet, give us a try. Either take the free bet each day or sign up to our new 3T's 1-A-Day system. Also, don't forget to take a look at the value system during Aintree.

Take care of yourselves and drop us a line if you have any questions or queries.


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