June 2021 Review

June 2021 Review

Above - Canonized puts on a saintly display for the 1-A-Day system in the 15:00 @ Windsor on the 26th.

Welcome to the June update from 3-Ticks System.

Well, that was better! Phew!

3-Ticks started ok, but then hit a serious dip and we thought ‘oh no’. However as mentioned in last month’s blog, we’ve tested this system and it should provide a double-digit return, so we kept the faith. And this was repaid! Not only did we turn -20 points into +20, we then kept ticking over, just stumbling at the end of the month to give us slightly under 13 points at our advised prices. But…if you’d decided to go with Betfair SP instead, then you were up 24.6 points, which is much more like it and the kind of results we want going forwards.

For the 1-a-day system, it was a frustrating month. Every time we had a winner, the next day was a loser. We never gained any traction it seemed. We were up almost 9 points on 26 June and then 3 straight 2nd places almost wiped this out. As I said, very frustrating! This meant just ¾ point gain at our advised prices and 1 point at BSP.

So here is hoping that July can bring some more sunshine for us!

Dream Of Dreams does it again for the 3-Ticks System in the 16:20 @ Ascot on the 19th

Quick update regarding offering free selections each day. We’ve decided that as we are now offering a free month if we fail to make you a profit, in addition to an initial free trial, giving away something people are paying for isn’t fair. For anyone who wishes to take a look at our system, you can take the trial and paper trade to see it’s for you, with zero risk, and we feel this is the right way to continue.

So quick reminder, until further notice, if we have a losing month using our advised odds (which are on our Results page) OR Betfair BSP (@2% comm), then you will not pay for the subsequent month’s selections. That’s right, we are putting our system on the line to perform, or we’ll do this for nothing.

Take care of yourselves and drop us a line if you have any questions or queries.

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