February 2021 Review

February 2021 Review

Brian The Snail
Above - Brian The Snail came out of his shell to give us a good start to the month in the 18:10 @ Southwell on the 2nd.

Hello again everyone and welcome to February's review from 3-ticks. The name of this month's update should really be 'Breaking the glass ceiling' I think. We certainly banged our heads against one for almost 2 weeks!

However, before I give a quick review of the last month and an update on a couple of possible developments, I wanted to say hello to the people who joined us during Feb and hope you've had a good experience and put a few points into your bag along the way.

So, how are we doing? February started well and we were almost 16 points up by Valentine's Day. And then…? Well we pinged around in a range of up 5 points and down 5 points until the 26th. It was frustrating that we couldn't seem to get any traction. However, we then managed to hit the winners again and ended the month 28 points to the good.

That means we have posted 23, 17 and 28 points each month since the official launch in December, with a 42.76% strike rate and gaining a 19.71% return on investment from 297 bets. Or in money terms £680 at £10 per point or £3400 at £50!

Our pick King Of The South didn't disappoint with a fine performance in the 16:40 @ Newcastle on the 16th.

And finally, a mention of a couple of things we are testing. We've been asked if it was possible to provide a 'best bet' service or a 'value' service with high odds selections. We are always open to suggestions so decided to see if we could do one or both. At the moment the 'best bet' system has generated 7 points, 51% SR and 6.36% ROI and the 'high odds' is 62 points, 33% SR and 99% ROI.

Both are too early to release and the 'best bet' system is much further down the road than the 'high odds' at the moment, hence the big difference in performance. However, I wanted to mention these to show that we have listened and we will give another update on these at the end of March.

So that's it for now, hopefully we will all be able to start getting out and about in the next few weeks and life will start to return to normal. And of course we hope that the success for 3-ticks continues. So, as mentioned last time - if you are reading this and haven't joined yet, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a free trial and see for yourself.

Take care of yourselves and drop us a line if you have any questions or queries.

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