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June 2021 Review

Above – Canonized puts on a saintly display for the 1-A-Day system in the 15:00 @ Windsor on the 26th. Welcome to the June update from 3-Ticks System. Well, that was better! Phew! 3-Ticks started ok, but then hit a serious dip and we thought ‘oh no’. However as mentioned in last month’s blog, we’ve…
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Thomas Lanfiere

May 2021 Review

Above – Thomas Lanfiere comes from the back of the field to win in the 17:20 @ Yarmouth on the 28th. Hello and welcome to the May review from 3-Ticks System. Let’s be honest, May was a disaster. The changes we made didn’t seem to stop the rot and we totally understand that most people…
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Fidelio Vallis

April 2021 Review

Above – Fidelio Vallis pulls clear to give the 3T’s 1-A-Day service another win in the 13:25 @ Southwell on the 13th. Hello everyone and welcome to the April update from 3-Ticks System. Well…April was a rollercoaster for both our services. 3-Ticks had a decent start and eight days in was already up almost 10…
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Princess Animale

March 2021 Review

Above – Princess Animale showed her animal instincts to edge out the competition in the 15:00 @ Lingfield on the 5th. Hello everyone and welcome to the March Review from 3-Ticks System. So where do we start? Well firstly, we’d like to apologise for the awful performance of the 3-ticks selections. Although we’ve done nothing…
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Brian The Snail

February 2021 Review

Above – Brian The Snail came out of his shell to give us a good start to the month in the 18:10 @ Southwell on the 2nd. Hello again everyone and welcome to February’s review from 3-ticks. The name of this month’s update should really be ‘Breaking the glass ceiling’ I think. We certainly banged…
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Captain Cooper

January 2021 Review

Above – Captain Cooper races to victory in the 17:30 @ Newcastle on 21/01/21. Just one of our January winners. Hi everyone and welcome to the first review from 3-Ticks. I think the name of this should be ‘The Ups and Downs of a New System’ or maybe ‘Really?, 2nd place again!’ Joking aside, for…
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