• How much do I need to follow your system?
    We currently offer 2 different tip services, our original 3-Ticks service and our 3 T's 1-A-Day service. For the 3-Ticks service we recommend a starting bank of 100 points, so if you were going for £10 per point, then you would need a start bank of £1000. For the 1-A-Day service we recommend a starting bank of 250 points, because these selections can be up to 5 points each.
  • Do you suggest horses everyday?
    Yes. We check all UK and Irish runners everyday and will post our selection(s) if the criteria is met.
  • How may bets per day are advised?
    There isn't a fixed rule, but the range so far has been between one and six per day, with an average of probably four. However, if you'd rather make fewer bets, why not try 3T's 1-A-Day System?
  • How will I be alerted to the selections?
    Each day we send our members an email once the selections have been posted in the members' area. This will normally be between 9am and 11am. If it's a no bet day, then the page will advise this.
  • Do I need a lot of bookmaker accounts to follow the system?
    No, in fact if you prefer you can follow this using the exchange of your choice. Of course results will vary depending on who you place your bets with. However, it is advisable to also have accounts with some of the major bookmakers, as these will often offer best odds guaranteed and extra places on each-way bets. We will always advise in our selections who we have placed our bet with.
  • Are the prices you quote easily available?
    Each selection we post will show which bookmaker we have placed our bet with, the price we have taken and the number of places offered if it is an each-way bet. If the same price is available with other bookmakers at the time of posting our selection, we will advise this.
  • What are the minimum and maximum prices of horse you consider?
    There are no minimum or maximum prices. We back anything which qualifies as a selection.
  • How many selections are to win and how many are each-way?
    It depends which of our services you are using. For 3 Ticks, although most bets are to win, our testing has found that taking some of the larger priced horses each-way has increased our return. The 3T's 1-A-Day service offers only win bets. Our upcoming Value service will offer only each-way bets.
  • How can I trust your results?
    All our results are now proofed by an independent 3rd party to SP and BSP, therefore you can trust that what you see is what you get.
  • What's the longest losing streak the system has had?
    The rolling results total can be seen on the homepage, along with the longest losing streak. Based on our calculations, it's expected that at some point the system should experience a 20 bet losing streak.
    This is just a fact of probability and anyone who says they don't have long losing streaks isn't being 100% honest. Therefore, the max drawdown expected from the system could be as high as 60%.
    Please make sure you can ride any storms that come our way!
    And as always, please only bet with money you can afford to lose. We can't stress that enough.
  • Can I try out your service before I pay?
    Yes, of course you can! All our subscription plans include a no obligation trial period of up to 2 weeks. Please see our Subscriptions page for full details.
  • What is the difference between the 3-Ticks System and the 3T's 1-A-Day System?
    There are 3 main differences. Firstly, 3-Ticks uses a points range of 1 to 2, compared to 1-A-Day's 0.5 to 5. Secondly, the 3-Ticks service uses a range of both win and each-way bets, whereas the 1-A-Day service uses only win bets. And finally, the 3-Ticks service includes several selections each day, whereas the 1-A-Day service, as you would expect, offers 1 selection per day.