About Us

Myself and my partner Andy P, have always been interested in systems, statistics and number crunching. We’ve dabbled in stocks and Forex in the past and have always made some money and enjoyed the ride. But that can require all day every day sat staring at a computer, which isn’t a lot of fun for anyone, I think you’ll agree.

So, you’ve probably all seen or heard of Moneyball yes? If not, it’s essentially a way of collecting statistics in Baseball using sabermetrics and developed by the Oakland Athletics. It enabled what was a small budget team to find players using statistical analysis rather than the established methods of scouting that were in place at most other teams at the time. It allowed Oakland to compete with teams who had much higher budgets and find players who were undervalued. Eventually, this system was used by more and more baseball teams eroding Oakland’s edge, however the system itself is still in use by many of the biggest teams. In addition, variants have also made their way to other sports such as the NBA and Football (or Soccer if you prefer).

Now what has that got to do with Horse Racing I hear you ask. Well, we were discussing whether a sport which is so statistics heavy as Horse Racing, could have a system whereby a horse was selected, not by the usual scouting methods and stable/trainer/jockey combinations and the like, but by number crunching. We played around with lots of different ideas and finally stumbled upon the 3 Ticks System. Essentially, any horse, regardless of where, when and how it’s running, if it ticks at least 3 of our required boxes it qualifies as a selection. Simple as that. The more ticks we place against it, the more ‘points’ we place.  

Now confession time, myself and Andy are not horse experts, we don’t have inside knowledge and our crystal ball doesn’t work. But we can create systems from numbers and think we might have something here. If we can make a few points a month, every month, then I think we can make a few £’s, $’s or €’s for ourselves and for you. If you are looking for the horse whisperers, I recommend you try one of the many tipsters who live and breathe horses. If you fancy a journey on something possibly different, then join us.

Thanks for your time.


3-Ticks System