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Hi! Welcome to 3-Ticks.com, the Horse Racing site that aims to consistently make you money by picking winners using stats-based selections.

In addition to our Original 3-Ticks Service, our 3T's 1-A-Day Service offers selections designed for those with a more streamlined betting approach.

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How Are We Doing?

See below for our stats for the 3-Ticks Service up to 31st December 2021

Strike Rate


max losing streak

Profit at £10 per Point

Profit at £25 per point

profit at £50 per point

How Do We Achieve This?

Next question I’m sure you’re asking is, ‘How are you doing the above?’ Simple, by applying a score to each element of a horse’s stats, we determine the best runner for each race every day. Once we’ve done this, we select the highest scorers as our picks and back them.
That’s right, everything you see listed within the results has been backed using our own money on one of the betting exchanges. Oh yes, nearly forgot to mention that you can use this system without having to use traditional bookmakers. You can of course if you prefer, and if you can get best odds guaranteed, you could make more than results show. And from 2021, we are proofing all selections to Racing Index so you can be sure that what you see here is achievable.
Now there is nothing in this world which is a ‘sure thing’ and there are no ‘get rich quick systems’, not that work anyway! But by following our selections, and with the patience to keep going when that losing run hits, then it’s possible to make some money via sports betting and we hope you go on that journey with us.
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